Why ATI Material Removal?

Published by ATI Industrial Automation


ATI strives to make automation more accessible. Our high-quality, flexible, and easy-to-use end-effectors make robotic systems more productive. We see the rapid expansion of automated material removal and recognize the myriad of opportunities it brings for end users and integrators to increase profitability, safety, and process efficiency. We take pride in developing leading-edge robotic technology and are driven to solve tough automation challenges alongside our customers. ATI has developed a collection of versatile material removal products and services to help you tackle the spectrum of applications, from very light finishing to heavy grinding.

Our knowledge of robotic systems and applications extends far beyond end-of-arm tools. We want to help you choose the right product, and our hope is to partner with you to bring your ideal solution to reality. In addition to material removal equipment, ATI customers have access to product testing, application experts, and partner integrators to further support their automation journey.

Our robotic test engineers can perform trials on your sample parts so you can see the outputs of the process firsthand. Our application engineers work closely with you to select, configure, and in some cases, custom design the best end-effector solution for your process. Our vast integrator network can help you choose automation partners that understand your unique challenges and work with you to realize your system. ATI products are designed with your needs in mind and include product and application support to help ensure your success.

Together, ATI’s product testing, applications engineering, integrator network, and superior robotic equipment provide a full suite of material removal solutions. Our ultimate goal is to make automated material removal easier so you can automate with confidence.