Unlock Productivity for Smaller Robots with the QC-29 Robotic Tool Changer

Published by ATI Industrial Automation

The QC-29 Robotic Tool Changer brings the powerful and rugged technology of ATI’s Heavy Duty Tool Changers to the 25-35 kg payload class. The QC-29 is the first standard ATI Tool Changer designed to mount directly to 40 mm and 50 mm robot wrists.

ATI’s QC-29 also includes in-body lock/unlock sensing and our Fail-Safe locking mechanism. Built-in pneumatic pass-through ports and three module mounting flats make connecting utilities easy, and the zero freeplay design ensures maximum repeatability for high-precision tool changing.

The QC-29 is compatible with ATI’s large selection of Standard Utility Modules and Tool Stands enabling a vast array of unique configurations ranging from ultrasonic welding to servo motor support and other diverse applications.

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  • John Booth

    Thank you for sharing! The issue with other distribution sites is absolutely 0 news letters, so I never know about new products or updates. Great info on a great site from a great company!