The Entire Spectrum: From Standard Components to Complete Systems

Published by Schneeberger USA


In addition to standard components, SCHNEEBERGER manufactures complete systems, often consisting of a range of SCHNEEBERGER components. When we build complete systems, our customers benefit from our expertise in developing and producing components. It is only because we manufacture these components ourselves that we are able to perfect them for use alongside each other.

Moreover, because we also build complete systems, we know the requirements our components must fulfill to ensure that they can perform their function in complex systems. As a result, the production depth of SCHNEEBERGER is unique on the market, as is the resulting benefit for our customers.

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1. Our components

If the customer wants to integrate their system, we provide them with highly precise and reliable components in many linear guideway applications. Furthermore, if customer-specific adjustments or functional enhancements are needed, we deliver them promptly and expertly.

2. Our highly integrated positioning and motion systems

We are happy to handle the system integration for you and guarantee uninterrupted service, even when volumes change rapidly. Our core focus is on minimizing risks and creating more flexibility for you. Our standardized systems and platforms provide cost-efficient solutions for your positioning and motion tasks and are easy to integrate into your application.

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3. Our final assembly machine structures

At the customer's request, we assemble the standard components or the highly integrated positioning systems onto the substructure. Because we manufacture the mineral casting ourselves, we can adapt final assembly machine structures perfectly to the kinematic specifications.

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4. Our precision ball screws

Precision ball screws manufactured by SCHNEEBERGER SBS and A. MANNESMANN enhance our product portfolio. Many demanding machine tool users worldwide benefit from the performance, productivity, and long-term precision that our ball screws offer. In addition, many advantages such as structural design and 100% quality control in production account for their success.