The Bioprinter Manufacturer's Guide to Linear Motion Technology

Published by Schneeberger USA


Bioprinter OEM engineers are charged with turning their aspirations and designs into the reality of complex systems and solutions. Challenges include accuracy, precision, miniaturization, customization, the application of biomaterials, and, as always, biological safety.

One critical requirement: The consistent and precise guidance of the movement of the unit's print head, nozzle, laser, or electron beam — and sometimes also its material bed.

The solution? Advanced linear motion technology.

New solutions such as profiled linear guideways with ball bearings or rollers deliver whole new linear motion performance levels. With much higher degrees of the critical characteristics of rigidity, speed, and precision.

Discover the options — and explore the solutions. Of modern linear motion components, including profiled guideways with balls, profiled miniature guideways, miniature balls screws, and linear motion systems. Of integration, a continuing trend. And maintenance, likewise a vital issue. 

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