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Podcast with Daniel Costa about measuring and guiding with SAM and its advantages

Welcome to the new Schneeberger Group podcast episode.

On the occasion of the company's 100th anniversary, we are talking with Daniel Costa, Sales Director at Schneeberger Lineartechnik AG, about the integrated displacement encoder MINISCALE PLUS, as well as the so-called "SAM” (SCHNEEBERGER absolute measuring system).

Linear technology can be thought of as nimble hands that perform certain tasks with lightning speed and extreme precision. Displacement encoder systems are more or less like a "real-time navigator" in the machine. Daniel Costa explains the following questions: Where are they used in linear technology?

What exactly is their task there? What exactly do miniature guides look like? Why and where exactly does the industry needs miniature guides in particular - in addition with an integrated measuring system, i.e. the "MINISCALE PLUS"? In which applications do customers want a space-saving and quickly mountable displacement measuring system that is close to the machining process? What is the advantage of the bearing on balls? What are the main differences between the integrated measuring system "MINISCALE PLUS" compared to other ones?