Mineral Casting: Eliminating Vibration for Greater Speed, Precision and Environmental Protection in Production Machinery

Published by Schneeberger USA

How much do you value greater speed and precision in your production machinery?

As a manufacturer of high-performance equipment that requires ever-higher levels of precision, the chances are that you're open to solutions to achieve even greater speeds and accuracy in your production process.

The bad news is that vibration in manufacturing machinery robs you of speed and accuracy.

The good news is that Mineral Cast manufacturing machine structures and bases eliminate vibration.

Mineral cast bases also weigh about the same as aluminum, are 3x lighter than steel, exhibit low-heat conductivity, resist chemicals and corrosion, and are organic.

This technical brief explains the impressive vibration-free technical, economic — and even environmental — benefits that mineral casting can bring to your production process and customers. Includes two case studies!

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