Judge HSOAR Ball Precision Cycloidal Reducer through Important Gearbox Performance Index

Published by Erica Li of HSOAR


Judge HSOAR ball precision cycloidal reducer through important gearbox performance index

We categorize the robot industry into three branches: Robot components (upstream), Manipulator produce (mid-stream) and System integration (downstream).

Among them, the upstream, which directly decides the robot performance, reliability and load capacity, builds up the highest entry thresholds. Components like motor, gearbox, controller, sensor, play a vital role for a robot to come into being.

Manipulator manufacturer takes care of processing and assembly of robot arm such as links, bases to combine with speed reducers.

System integrators deploy the robot into a practical production line to suit different application needs, this sector is comparatively easier to grasp or realize.

Among all the upstream key components, precision reducer is the hardest to develop. Since it is more related to the precision manufacturing industry, without tight binding to robot chain, or sometimes, even if gearbox design seems good itself, mass produce may be a big issue, as a result it can only be supplied by a third party.

Concerning servo motor, some robot arm manufacturer also make it by themselves, difficulty level is medium to high. Controller is ranked medium level degree.

So let’s first take a look at the important parameters of a precision speed reducer.

Reduction ratio range: the speed reduction ratios from input speed to output speed

Transmission accuracy: The proximity of the actual rotation angle of the output shaft to the theoretical rotation angle

Transmission efficiency: The ratio of output power to input power, affected by reduction ratio, speed, load torque, temperature, lubrication conditions etc.

Torsional rigidity: The ability of a material or structure to resist elastic deformation under force

Starting torque: The torque applied to gearbox when starting with empty load,

Rated torque: Allowable continuous load torque when the input speed is stable

Hysteresis loss/Lost motion: When the input shaft is changed to reverse rotation, the amount of hysteresis of the output shaft on the rotation angle

Fatigue life: The maximum service life that can be continuously repeated

Noise: Noise during operation, noise has a great impact on speed reducer stability and accuracy

From above important parameters index of reducer, we can extend to the HSOAR high-precision reducer, this advantage is so obvious!!

HSOAR High Precision bestows reducer a single-stage Five-Digit (10K) transmission reduction ratio, with zero backlash of perfect accuracy, and the performance of the reducer is always maintained within zero backlash and less than 3 arc/min.

There are a few transmission parts, composed of 6 components, because this transmission adopts rolling friction, means only 1/40 to 1/60 of sliding friction operates, all transmission elements move at the same time, steel balls are all involved in precision drive, the wear of the mechanism is minimized, mesh movement is evenly carried out on each part, efficiency is higher and easier than other normal types of reducer.

HSOAR high-precision reducer gets its inspiration from ball screw, there is no need for any tooth modification or material deformation , totally keep the characteristics of robust stiffness, strong impact resistance.

Since the internal structure is purely composed of bearings and steel balls, the fatigue life is long, and a service life comes similar to the bearing.

There is only the sound of preloaded steel balls rolling in the cycloidal groove, also the two cycloids are not at the same frequency,  means there will be no resonance and vibration. Such low noise, crisp sound, pleasant to ear, most importantly, high precision, high stiffness, wide speed ratio, stable and long life, perfectly meet the high-end requirements and standards of all kinds of robots.

Another important aspect, because the transmission principle of ball cycloid reduction mechanism can design under one principle but turn to replace traditional gear drive,  can partially or completely substitute the transmission mode of harmonics, RV, and planetary reducers on the market, This will lead to significant transmission evolution and epoch-making innovation in the precision drive industry!!

Now HSOAR has become the vendor of world famous robots as ball precision cycloidal gearbox manufacturer, with the success on replacing planetary reducer, this will rewrite the transmission history and launch new standard for industry!

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Zero Backlash Precision Cycloidal replace Planeteary Reducer
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