All-in-One Robotic End-of-Arm Tooling Packages

Published by ATI Industrial Automation


Cobot-Ready End-Effector Kits from ATI offer users a simple and effective way to increase the flexibility of collaborative robots. ATI’s Cobot-Ready End-Effector Kits feature a broad selection of robotic end-effectors that are well suited for an array of industries and application types. These all-in-one packages include options for automatic tool changing, force sensing, and material removal and enable tasks such as assembly, machine tending, part inspection and analysis, surface preparation and finishing, and others to be implemented and executed easily.

Cobot-Ready End-Effector Kits include everything you need to get your cobot application up and running. In addition to the end-effector, you’ll receive all the hardware and software required to connect your system. Within the teach pendant there are simple controls to program your equipment. ATI’s Robotic End-Effectors are designed for robotic use and include design features that make teaching your cobot quick and easy. Cobot-Ready End-Effector Kits are a reliable and affordable way for cobot users to increase process quality and flexibility.